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Discovery Call

This call is for Queens who are ready to invest in YOU. You desire clarity, direction and guidance for your life and purpose goals. On this live 1:1 we assess suitability and alignment for The Relentless Boss Coaching Program.

About The Relentless Boss

Emma Lady is God’s Daughter, British-Ghanaian, Kingdom Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder. She specializes in Mindset & Lifestyle Transformation, Personal development, Business coaching, Holistic health & wellness. 

Emma's inspiring story includes a near fatal autoimmune disease diagnosis, depression, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks and feeling disillusioned with life. Through these experiences she was able to overcome and build a faith, resilience and relentless zeal that would lead her to impact and direct other lives towards their God-given purpose.

Emma Lady teaches and equips trailblazers to live out Relentless Abundance, Purpose & Wellness. Through renewing of the mind; deprogramming limiting beliefs, increasing self-worth, belief and confidence, building profitable online businesses, & improving wellness to fulfil your infinite potential. 

Emma Lady believes YOU have the ability to choose to create the life of your dreams, the life you truly deserve. God’s given you the power to RENEW, RESTORE & BE RELENTLESS through all life’s challenges to fully own YOUR Queendom and the greatness it embodies.

What people are saying

"It's clear that Emma desires to see you win! She challenged me out of my comfort zone. I was able to reach my goals, through mindset work. I quit my 9-5 job, I now have more quality time with my children and I built multiple successful businesses at home and internationally. That was my dream come true."

—Sheila T, UK

"Before coaching with Emma Lady I thought I'd never achieve my dream of retiring from corporate America. As a result of her coaching I discovered I could reach my desire to becoming financially and time-free through entrepreneurship. Emma helped me implement proven strategies to develop my self-belief, to overcome obstacles and build a thriving business.

— Grace C, USA

"Emma Lady is an amazing coach and has been a great gift to me...she helped me to start the renewing of my mind, clarify my goals and unlock my mindset blockages"

--- Denise N, Canada

Choose Your Investment

Clarity Coaching Call

This clarity coaching call will help you gain clarity and direction in your life and/ or purpose goals. Whatever your BIG goal is, you will be clear by the end of this call on how to execute and achieve it. Live 1:1 via Zoom video conferencing call.