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Relentless Transformation Coaching Program

Make a SHIFT & achieve your big goals.

Ignite YOUR Inner Relentless Boss

In this coaching experience you will work exclusively with The Relentless Boss on your next level transformation. You will learn proven strategies and formulas to awaken your inner relentless boss, identify and break limiting beliefs, improve confidence and self-esteem, how to set and execute those big goals for your success. Bonus strategies are included for entrepreneurship, attraction and social media marketing and branding for business.

What people are saying

"Emma has helped me to shift a major mental block in my life that was preventing my success. The coaching has helped me to identify my limiting beliefs, to make self-love and care a priority and set clear boundaries. I've learnt how to build consistency and resilience for my next level."

— Sarah O, UK

"Emma has transformed so many lives that she's not even aware of--including mine. Through her coaching I was able to improve my confidence, financial independence and start my first profitable business venture."

— Brenda K, Denmark

"Coaching with Emma Lady has completely transformed my life and my business. As well as being able to increase my business revenue and profits, I've grown in greater confidence, my plans are now clear, I am now taking risks fearlessly. Nothing is stopping me now since this coaching experience. It has been invaluable. "

— Ransford B, Ghana

Choose An Investment Plan

Relentless Coaching - 6 Months

You will be working exclusively with The Relentless Boss for 6 months intensive transformative coaching program. 

Relentless Coaching - 90 Days

You will be working exclusively with The Relentless Boss for 90 Days transformative coaching program. 

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